😀 Me

My name is Amish Bhadeshia. I’m a passionate user of technology with a background in finance, navigating through the business and consulting world.

📓 This Blog

The goal of this blog is to capture a number of my ongoing thoughts, ideas, and projects that I am working on at any time to share with the world.

I hope that people can use the information in this blog as educational or inspirational to go out and learn or create something for themselves too.

The views I put forward are that of my own, and they do not represent the views of my employer, or any other entity associated to me.

📧 Contact

To contact me, please email me directly. I’ll make every effort to respond to all of your emails as soon as possible.

💼 Work History

  • Deloitte - FS/Tech Consulting - Digital Banking Solutions (2016 - Present)
  • Sword APAK - Retail Banking Lead Implementation Consultant (2015 - 2016)
  • IRESS - Business Analyst (2012 - 2015)

🎓 Education

  • University of Warwick - Master of Engineering (MEng) (2008 - 2012)
    • Mechanical Engineering with Fluid Dynamics

🏆 Certifications

  • Amazon Web Services

    • AWS Cloud Practitioner (2022) (Verification ID: X1YRP6LL311EQR90)
  • British Computer Society

    • International Diploma in Business Analysis (2013)
  • Scrum Alliance

    • Certified Product Owner (2020)

😀 Topics of Interest / Expertise

  • Banking / Business

    • Retail / Commercial Banking - Strong knowledge in Financial Services, specifically in Retail and Commercial banking.
    • Payments - Keen interest in Payments, Settlements, and all things future of payments.
    • Software Delivery - Strong passion in designing and delivering software end to end.
  • Technology

    • Languages
      • Python - My main coding language when picking up new projects. Very well versed in many areas of python.
        • Django - Heavy user of Django, over other micro frameworks.
      • Nim - Nim is my introduction to compiled languages, which I chose over Go and C.
      • Javascript / React - I have been attempting to build up a stronger front end skillset to compliment my strong backend knowledge
    • Architecture
      • Solution Architecture - Designing and building software solutions and architecture
      • Application Architecture and Patterns - Understanding common application architecture patterns for implementing application solutions.
      • Deployment + Delivery tools and methods - CI/CD / Docker etc
    • Embedded Devices
      • Arduino
    • Platforms
      • Windows
      • Linux - PopOS being my main driver on my personal laptop
      • Open Source - Keen user of, and semi-frequent contributor to, open source technology
    • General Technology interest
  • Other

    • Crosswords (Attempting to get better at cryptic crosswords)
    • Chess (Not a great ELO at the moment)
    • Coffee
    • Cooking
    • Hiking / Walking
    • Music (Spotify)
    • Participating in any types of sports